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Kangning Hsu

Kangning Hsu


徐康寧來自台北台灣.畢業於國立成功大學工業設計系.在做畢業設計時發現了對互動設計極大的興趣.在做了一年的產品設計之後,繼續往互動設計領域深造.從台夫特科技大學畢業之後,嘗試了不同的工作,例如研究員, 網路設計, 鞋店銷售員等.現在為自由業者, 希望保持新鮮又豐富的生活.

2009 自由設計師
2008 使用性研究員, ACER, 台北, 台灣
2005-2007 互動產品設計碩士, 台夫特科技大學, 台夫特, 荷蘭
2004 -2005 COZY cafe, 台北, 台灣
2002-2004 產品設計師, UNIKdesign, 台北, 台灣
1997-2002 國立成功大學工業設計系, 台南, 台灣

Kangning Hsu is from Taipei, Taiwan. She studied Industrial Design in NCKU. With her bachelor graduation project- Recall the Moment, she found the great interests of interaction design. After being an one-year product designer, she furthered to study interaction design in TU Delft. After graduated, she tried different jobs, such as researcher, web designer and shoe-store sales. Now she likes to be a freelancer, and keeps her life being fresh and diverting.

2009 Freelancer
2008 Usability researcher, ACER, Taipei, Taiwan
2005-2007 Master of Science of Design for Interaction, Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands.
2004 -2005 COZY cafe, Taipei, Taiwan.
2002-2004 Product Designer, UNIKdesign, Taipei, Taiwan.
1997-2002 Bachelor of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan.