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Sasson Kung
Sasson Kung
Sasson Kung

Sasson Kung



龔維德 台灣人,1997國立雲林科技大學視覺傳達設計系畢業,後他從事近七年的平面設計公司,決定走創作的路,經過兩年的努力辦了數次的個展,後決定告別台灣,認識真正的世界,荷蘭是他唯一的選擇。2004~2006在鹿特丹生活,也建立自己的藝術設計網路。2007回到台灣,創作、駐村、兼任講師、尋找一些新鮮事, 他特別興趣於文字意涵、書本藝術、網路文化、空間介面相關議題,希望建立一個藝術設計平台,設計師藝術工作者可以分享、交流、互動、展覽的環境。

2014 策展 / 荷蘭設計教育展, 台北 URS21
2013 策展 / 荷蘭最美麗的書, 田園城市藝文空間
2013 策展 / 荷蘭生活設計, 台北 URS21
2012 策展 / 瘋字形 - 文字藝術創作展, 台北 URS21
2012 策展 / 世界最美麗書本設計, 田園城市藝文空間
2012 策展 / 荷蘭文化設計, 台北 URS21
2011 展覽/ MAKE a FOREST 與UN合作, 寶藏巖國際藝術村
2011 策展 / 荷蘭書本藝術家 Irma Boom 展覽, 田園城市藝文空間
2010 展覽/ 反轉記憶樂房子, 台北URS 127
2010 展覽/ In Stock, 台灣設計師週
2009 策展 Hacking IKEA Taiwan 與荷蘭Platfrom 21合作, 台灣設計師週
2009 個展/ 尋找情感信物, 樹火紙博物館
2008 板橋435國際藝術村駐村
2008 展覽/ 404 國際電子藝術節, 義大利
2007-2008 台灣科技大學工商設計系兼任講師
2007 台北國際藝術村駐村
2004-2006 鹿特丹大學 Piet Zwart Institute 媒體藝術碩士, 鹿特丹
2006 展覽/ 心事溝通介面, 鹿特丹
2005 展覽 / 控制與被控制 , 鹿特丹
2005 展覽/ 字碼詩集, 奧地利
2004 展覽/ 荷蘭電子藝術節
2004 荷蘭羅益強獎學金
2004 個展/ ㄧ張紙在生命的瞬間, 樹火紙博物館

Mr. Sasson Kung ,a Taiwanese Media artist who majored in Visual Communication Design graduated from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in 1997. He decided to enhance his personal creation ability after 7 years long well-experienced graphic designer life. In the coming 2 years, holding several excellent exhibitions, he attempted to know more about the world where started 1st stop from Netherland. During 2004 to 2006, he got his own art and design field flourished through Rotterdam Piet Zwart Institute, Being an artist residence at Taipei artist village and 435 international artist village is the primary and a part-time instructor of NTUST Department Of Industrial and Commercial Design when he came back. Meanwhile he keeps on creating as the daily main course. Specialized in graphic symbols , book arts , Network culture , and the meaning of Interiors,and hoping for creating a platform to communicate or interact with artists all over the world in the design field.

2014 Dutch eductional design / curator, URS21
2013 The best Dutch book designs / curator, Garden City of arts
2013 Dutch lifestyle design / curator, URS21
2012 Typephoon Typographic exhibition / curator, URS21
2012 The most beautiful book in the world / curator, Garden City of arts
2012 Dutch cultural design / curator, URS21
2011 Make a Forest project collaborate with UN www.makeaforest.org,Treasure Hill Artist Village Taipei
2011 Dutch book designer Irma Boom presentation collaborate with Irma Boom / curator, Garden City of arts
2010 Memory Funlab @ Taipei project, URS127 Taipei
2010 in stock exhibition, Taiwanese designer' week Taipei
2009 Hacking IKEA Taiwan project / curator collaborate with Dutch Platform 21 www.platform21.nl, Taiwanese designer' week Taipei
2009 Memory is a story solo exhibition, Suho memorial paper museum Taipei
2008 Artists residence in 435 International Artists Village, Taiwan
2008 404 International Festival of Electronic Art Award, Italy
2007-2008 Instructor of NTUST Department Of Industrial and Commercial Design, Taipei
2007 Artist residence in Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
2004-2006 Master of Art in Media Design, Piet Zwart Institute,Hogeshool Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2006 Love language, Rotterdam
2005 Control and Under Control, Rotterdam
2005 Code Poetry KUNSTRADIO-RADIOKUNST, Austria
2004 Affective turbulence Dutch Electric Art Festival, Rotterdam
2004 The Y C Lo Philips / NTIO Scholarship, the Netherlands
2004 A piece of paper solo exhibition, Suho memorial paper museum Taipei