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Yukuan Chang
Yukuan Chang
Yukuan Chang

Yukuan Chang



2008-Current 資深業務經理, 現觀科技, 台北, 台灣
2006-2007 碩士後研究員, 工業設計工程學院, 台夫特科技大學, 台夫特, 荷蘭
2004-2006 策略產品設計碩士, 榮譽畢業生, 台夫特科技大學, 台夫特, 荷蘭
2000-2003 策略運營發展資深經理, 億訊國際, 亞洲
1998-2000 宏碁大觀園, 願境網訊數家網路新創公司擔任產品或專案經理, 台北, 台灣
1993-1997 國立台灣大學機械工程學系, 台北, 台灣

Designer? Engineer? Entrepreneur? Businesswoman? or just a daydreamer? It is always not easy to find a clear identify for Yukuan, because she always puts herself in a multidimensional context on top of trends. Graduated from NTU as a mechanical engineer, Yukuan caught up the dotcom waves since 1997; joined a couple of Internet startups and created all kinds of ideas and dreams. The memorable passions were not gone with dotcom bubbles. Since 2000, Yukuan stepped into another historic wave surfed by the emerging China. She was a pioneer and support enterprise to settle down in new territory and develop so called Greater China market. In 2004, she decided to finish her own dream to become a designer and travel around Europe, experiencing arts, history, architecture, and culture. She lived in Holland and Spain and traveled through almost 20 countries in Europe. Although now she is back to high-tech field, she still keeps mind open with observing eyes, accumulate potentials for new ideas and dreams.

2008-Current Senior Sales Manager for European Markets, Groundhog Technologies Inc., Taipei, Taiwan
2006-2007 Post-graduate Researcher, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
2004-2006 Master of Science in Strategic Product Design/Graduation with Honour, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
2000-2003 Senior Manager of Strategic Business Development, eSOON Communications International Corp., Taiwan/Hong Kong/China
1998-2000 Dotcom Entrepreneur and Project Manager of Startups including Cynex, Infowave, Skysoft, ThinkNewIdea, etc. Taipei, Taiwan
1993-1997 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan